"When love manifests
itself as war, it’s time to
unload the gunpowder,
put down the weapon,
delete the security footage.
You know
it’s not supposed to
feel like this?
You know you shouldn’t
feel like shattered
shards of glass
are digging into
the soles of your feet?
It’s supposed to be lovely
and soft like the feel of
warm sheets
straight out of the dryer,
like holding hands and
stroking each other’s thumbs.
It’s meant to be
like eating marble cake,
your body pulsing
with rapid staccatos,
their laugh vibrating
in your toes.
Not sinking,
never drowning.
Never anything less than
jessica therese, “What Love Feels Like” (via contramonte)

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Richard Feynman: no one has said it better..


Richard Feynman: no one has said it better..

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"The family has had an independent autopsy done, in which it indicates that he was shot six times. None of those shots entered from the front, and the one that killed him hit him right in the middle of the back. The others were in his shoulder, there were two in his leg, there was one in his elbow and one in his hand. So it begs the question, of course: How is it that someone ends up shot in the back if he is shot while he is lunging toward the officers?"

Randall Edwards, an attorney for Darrien Hunt’s family. Hunt was shot dead outside a restaurant in Saratoga Springs last Wednesday. Utah County authorities said he was shot after lunging at officers with a Samurai-style sword. But Edwards told HuffPost Live that autopsy results contradict that claim.

On Monday, authorities changed their account, telling The Guardian that Hunt allegedly lunged at officers outside a bank that was actually several dozen yards from where he ultimately died. Authorities also said the two police officers involved had not been interviewed yet, a delay which the family’s attorney called “almost incomprehensible.” One of the officers was scheduled to be interviewed yesterday and the second tomorrow, more than a week after the shooting. Hunt’s mother, Susan, told reporters she believes her son was racially profiled. “They killed my son because he’s black. No white boy with a little sword would they shoot while he’s running away,” she said. Surveillance footage from the scene has been obtained by authorities.

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If you’re poor, the only way you’re likely to injure someone is the old traditional way: artisanal violence, we could call it – by hands, by knife, by club, or maybe modern hands-on violence, by gun or by car.

But if you’re tremendously wealthy, you can practice industrial-scale violence without any manual labor on your own part. You can, say, build a sweatshop factory that will collapse in Bangladesh and kill more people than any hands-on mass murderer ever did, or you can calculate risk and benefit about putting poisons or unsafe machines into the world, as manufacturers do every day. If you’re the leader of a country, you can declare war and kill by the hundreds of thousands or millions. And the nuclear superpowers – the US and Russia – still hold the option of destroying quite a lot of life on Earth.

So do the carbon barons. But when we talk about violence, we almost always talk about violence from below, not above.

"Love happens
and all you’re left
with is aftershock
after aftershock
There’s the heartache
the stomach ache
your muscle-so-sore ache
Love finishes
and you divide your body
into two segments:
the one which must continue,
and the one which pauses,
struggles to heal.
The stars subside.
The stars will forget you.
Water droplets roll
over knots in your spine
as I kiss secrets
off your lips"
jessica therese, “Love Happens” (via contramonte)


"I’ve been fixing watches in this chair for almost sixty years. It required a lot more skill in the old days. Now I pretty much just replace batteries."

(Dharamshala, India)



this is literally the greatest subtitling job that has ever been done. someone learned how to speak cat.

*laughs irl*

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“I’m 54. No…56. No…53. Something like that.”

Minneapolis, MN



Everyday I’m like “today imma get my shit together” and by the end of the day I’m like “tomorrow is the day for real”